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For becoming a replacement tutor in Alabama requirements vary by school district. The Alabama State Department of Education establishes standards to be able to work as a replacement instructor which all candidates must fulfill. These standards include certain education requirements, a background check, certification and fees. Just like substitute teaching positions replacement teachers pay in Alabama is dependent length and certification of instruction assignment. Substitute teachers in Alabama should have a high school diploma or GED. Alabama school districts need instruction certification above and beyond. Montgomery Public Schools requires replacement teachers to have a minimum of two years of college.

Mobile County Public Schools requires a high school diploma or GED, however all tutor applicants in the district need to take and pass a writing examination before being hired. The ALSDE mandates that all substitute teachers and a tuberculosis test pass. In accord with the Alabama Child Protection Act, all teachers in Alabama must be fingerprinted for a criminal background history check. This check must go through the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and the FBI. Conviction of any felonies or misdemeanors, particularly those involving sexual misconduct or physical injury to a young kid, may be grounds for disqualification. The Alabama Applicant Processing Service is conducted by 3M Cogent, which needs that applicants register on-line or over the telephone before arriving at a fingerprinting location.

Applicants must bring here some valid photo ID to the fingerprinting, and a money order or cashier's test if they have not already paid for the services online. The fingerprinting process takes five to 8 weeks, so candidates must have their fingerprints taken prior to submitting any other paperwork. All Alabama replacement teachers are required to hold some valid replacement teacher's license. Candidates may find an application for this license in any school district office or on the ALSDE web site. On the application, applicants are asked to provide basic staff and education info, as well as answer questions regarding the existence of any past investigations, disciplinary actions, felonies, misdemeanors, or questionable actions.

With form, candidates should also submit some $30 application fee to the ALSDE, which might be submitted on-line or at person as some money order or cashier's test. After applying for a replacement teacher's license, candidates may apply for positions within their local school districts. In accordance with the BLS, Alabama had 17, 480 replacement teachers as of May 2013, which makes it one of the highest occupied states for this occupation. Alabama also has the 3rd highest concentration of substitute teaching jobs within nation, after Wyoming and Idaho.

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